[ Download ] Ghost Windows 7 fast and lite 2020

You are looking for a verison supper speed of windows 7 ? Download back up file Ghost Windows 7 fast and lite here soon. 

Ghost windows 7 fast and lite link Google Drive

ghost windows 7 fast and lite

Surely many of you are still using a mid-range configuration computer or have used for years?

It is difficult to chew if you install Windows 10 and witness the slow of the computer when having to carry an oversized operating system.

Here I will introduce to you the version of Windows 7 extremely fast – smooth – light and stable.

In short, this is the version of Windows 7 suitable for you who only need to play games, surf the web, sell basic online …

Build back up file from Ghost Windows 7 fast and lite

  • Rebuild from a non-soft, fast Windows 7 set to remove unnecessary components.
  • Optimize service, registry…. to make windows run smoother.
  • This is a windows setup so there won’t be any components
  • No active windows, use the key or download the active tool.
  • This is a lite version of Windows 7, so you should prepare the driver or driver installer before installing.

Download back up file Ghost Windows 7 fast update link Google drive

Download win 7 32 bit  – 720 Mb  

Download here

Md5 : Gho x86 – 38812C8F – 3C85AD8F – 0AF34D5C – 3B2663D4

Download win 7 64 bit  – 1.08 Gb 

Download here

Update link Google Drive – Jun.2021

Download - GGdrive

Md5 : Gho x64 – 66E0CDE2 – 3B7DC37B – 300669D2 – AA254BFB

Download win 7 32bit full driver  – 2.48 Gb 

Download here

You can see after Setup is Win 7 super smooth, with CPU Usage is almost 0% and Ram is just over 300 Mb.

back up windows 7 fast

Summary :

This is ghost win 7 fast lightweight, super smooth so you cannot update the latest hotfix.
For x64 version after installing you into C: \ Extra click on Fix Mouse to fix 1-click error has access.
During the use process, if there is any problem, please comment below and I will guide you to fix it.

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