Download CPU Z free for Android, PC

CPU Z free for Android provides users with accurate information about Smart phone, computer hardware and real-time memory measurement metrics.

CPU Z free for Android update 2021

cpu z free for android apk


CPU Z is the most effective CPU testing software available today. Basically, CPU Z collects system hardware information, including CPU, RAM and Graphics card, in addition, the software also supports benchmarking and stress testing as well as sharing computer specifications with CPU Z community.


Download CPU Z free for Android integrates many useful features, in which some notable features must be mentioned:

– Check CPU related components including: processor name, code name, maximum TDP, CPU pin type …
– Monitor the clock core clock (clock core), clock (core speed), multiplier, data rate processed in one second (bus speed), rated FSB, cache.
– Check motherboard manufacturer information, model, chipset, LCPIO and southbridge.
– BIOS version information and installation date.

Check the graphics card interface version information, link width, side band addressing.
Memory type, size, DC mode, NB frequency, timing (DRAM Frequency, delay, cycle time, command rate).
– Provide information on memory slot module size, maximum bandwidth, module manufacturer, serial number, ….
– Check the Timings Table information, CAS # latency, RAS # to CAS #, tRAS, tRC, command rate, CPU feed voltage.
– Checks Windows and DirectX versions.
– Perform Benchmark and Stress Test for CPU (single or multithreaded).
– Save results in TXT or HTML format.

Download CPU Z free for Android

CPU Z Portable for PC

CPU Z Portable is a lightweight version, no need to install, users just need to download and run the .exe file, then, all information about the hardware, the CPU temperature will also be displayed on the same interface as the installation. fully booked.

Download here

CPU Z 64 bit for PC

CPU Z 64bit is a version that supports 64bit operating systems (Windows 10, 8.1, 7). Currently, CPU-Z has no longer divided 64bit and 32bit versions separately, but combined, that is, you only need to download a single file, then run setup, the software will automatically recognize and install. The system is finished.

Download here

CPU Z free for Android ( APK )

cpu z free for android apk

Not only supports Windows, but CPU Z is available on Android operating system, users can install directly through CH Play or download CPU APK file to their Android phone to check the hardware parameters of the device. be.

3. Some frequently asked questions when using CPU Z?

* CPU Z reduces computer performance?

The system monitoring tool is quite light, does not affect computer performance and does not require any hardware components, other than Admin rights and works on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 operating systems. Vista, XP and earlier versions (32-bit or 64-bit).

* Is CPU Z portable version?

CPU Z includes both the installable and the portable version. With the installed version, you can review and agree to the terms, change the default installation directory and create a shortcut for the program. The portable version doesn’t require installation.

* Is CPU Z interface difficult to use ?

In terms of interface, the CPU Z window is divided into many different tabs including: CPU, Caches, Mainboard, Memory, SPD, Graphics and Bench. The tool will automatically collect data every time the system starts up. There are also 3 buttons in the bottom corner to close apps, display results, and access tools.

* Does CPU Z support device temperature monitoring?

Unfortunately, CPU Z does not have a device temperature monitoring feature. If you are interested in or need to use this feature, you might consider using HWMonitor, which is also free software from the same CPU developer Z.

* Which versions of CPU Z are there ?

CPU Z has 2 versions including CPU Z 32bit and CPU Z 64bit, depending on the operating system you are using that can choose the appropriate version. Or if you do not want to install you can use CPU Z portable. In addition, there is also a CPU Z apk version for users of Android mobile devices

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