Download Ebook Think and Grow Rich pdf

Download Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill PDF is ammazing book for business inspiration and for the great motivation.

Ebook Think and Grow Rich pdf – Napoleon Hill

Ebook Think and Grow Rich pdf


This book has changed lives of so many people. If you are lost and you are giving up. You shall once read this book before you giveup. This book will lead you to business success. Even if you are a sucessfull man/woman i suggest to read this book once in your life.


think and grow pdf

  1. Aspiration. To become truly rich, the first thing successful people must have is a strong desire and constant nurturing. That is a great motivation to reach great success.
  2. Belief. A great faith and a strong desire will be a great power to make all dreams come true.
  3. Auto-suggestion. Insert into your own subconscious mind steadfast beliefs about what you want to achieve in a deep, permanent way.
  4. Professional knowledge. Before you can turn your desire to get rich into concrete money, you need to have specialized knowledge of the types of services, trades or specialties you intend to offer to consumers in exchange for money. .
  5. Imagination. The imagination is a workshop where people can make plans. Motives and aspirations are both shaped and turned into action through the help of imagination.
  6. Make a plan. How great your success depends on the correctness of your planning.
  7. Assertiveness. Napoleon Hill’s analysis of hundreds of people with assets over $1 million reveals the fact that they make decisions quickly and change slowly. People who fail to get rich make decisions that procrastinate, or change quickly and often.
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    Persistence. The foundation of perseverance is willpower. Willpower and desire when combined properly will create a pair of personalities with invincible strength.
  9. The power of the elite intellectual group. Organized efforts formed through the coordination of two or more people working together toward a definite goal in a spirit of harmony.
  10. Sex. Sexual desire tops the list of factors that stimulate the mind and spin the wheel of action. When motivated by desire, people show courage, willpower, perseverance, and great creativity.
  11. Subconscious. You can implant in your subconscious mind any plan, idea or purpose that you desire to translate into material or monetary equivalents.
  12. Brain. The brain when stimulated by emotions will work at a faster intensity, stronger than when not emotional, helping to increase the ability to think to a level where the creative imagination becomes receptive to new ideas.
  13. The 6th sense. The 6th sense is the 13th wealth principle mentioned, it is thanks to it that Infinite Intelligence can communicate voluntarily without any effort. any force or request from the subject – human.

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