Download Ghost Win 7 New Update 2022

Windows 7 was still the world’s most popular version of Windows by Microsoft, download ghost Win 7 new update now.

Download Ghost Win 7 new update 2022


Download Ghost Win 7 new update 2022

  • Ghost Win 7 new 2022 is rebuilt from Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Full Update April 2022 and does not remove Windows components.
  • The ghost version has been optimized, tweaked, serviced… to achieve the highest performance.
    The no soft version can only install Net Framework 4.8 and WinRAR.
  • Integrated latest USB 3.0 and Easy Driver 7 drivers.
  • After installation, you access C:\Extra to use the active windows & office tool.
  • Do not personalize any part of the software and Windows.

Download Ghost Win 7 new update May.2022

Download Ghost Win 7 free

Win7.x86.April.2022.gho 4.06 GB f4976c612429f853993e3483535e1356
Win7.x86.April.2022.Fulldrv.gho 6.47 GB 950b6169372678554d28ad0b061c4ba7
Win7.x86.April.2022.iso 6.50 GB a4512f57ba7b5aec0fe8c5923ac04ee5
Win7.x64.April.2022.gho 5.22 GB 8496ce705aa075e0e60fc1bcd40b299a
UEFI Win7.x64.April.2022.tib 4.95 GB 956fa4be3acd1aef7981f9a24778884c
UEFI Win7.x64.April.2022.Fulldrv.gho 9.31 GB 9326769bcf797b558cca35f5df18d1ca
UEFI Win7.x64.April.2022.Fulldrv.tib 9.04 GB 18b8ecf1ffd7a4bf0fff47a42fef9d0b
Win7.x64.April.2022.iso 9.15 GB 2bdc9734c762117a0f5d3034620ddb4f

Download ghost Win 7 new update May.2022 here

Download here

Note : 

  • After downloading, please check the correct MD5 so that there are no errors during the installation process.
  • Ghost Win 7 April this time no soft and full soft including the version with driver will be included in the ISO. With backup files GHO and TIB only full soft (including full driver version).
  • To re-enable Windows Update, open Run -> gpedit.msc and navigate to Computer Configuration => Administrative Templates => Windows Components => Windows Update, Find Configure Automatic Update and select Enabled.
  • In the process of using, please perform garbage cleaning, optimization, and defragmentation with the HDD for the best performance of windows.
  • If you have problems with the installation or provide suggestions, please leave a comment below.