Download Ghost Windows 11 22H2 New Update

Windows 11 is becoming popular with all PC, Laptop in the world … Download Ghost Windows 11 22H2 latest update from Microsoft here.

Download Ghost Windows 11 22H2



This is a ghost version built from a origin Microsoft file ISO by famous engineer Le Ha IT, a reputable brand with generations of 8x, 9x computer builds from 2010 to now.

  • Ghost Win 11 22H2 is made from the official Win 11 22H2 installer (Update Build 22621.521), keeping the necessary apps like Photos, Xbox, Defender and Store.
  • The no soft version does not install any software other than enabling Net Framework 3.5 and WinRAR.
  • The ghost has been optimized, tweaked, serviced, … before backup.
  • After installation, you can go to the C:\Extra folder to use the digital license activation tools, Windows Update and Defender.
  • Apps ads on start, search, etc. have been turned off.
  • Do not personalize any Windows components.


win11 tib

Filename Size MD5
Win11.Pro.22H2.Sep.2022.gho 6.71 GB 3f37c2fa2f69e5dd1cf98dd8c2ccc8f5
Win11.Pro.22H2.Sep.2022.iso 6.78 GB 7002b8a329f2060b56d80eae4fb929dd
UEFI Win11.Pro.22H2.Sep.2022.tib 6.43 GB 65057cac60f638844fa02fb695


ghost win 11 .gho

Link file ghost windows 11 22H2 .gho

Download here

Noted :

  • Please check the correct MD5 before install the ghost.
  • The iso file of the ghost version will include both no soft and full soft. The .gho and .tib files will be full soft versions.
  • When using the iso file, you can use WinNT Setup, Onkey Ghost to install faster and bypass TPM 2.0.
    In the process of using, please perform garbage cleaning, optimization, and defragmentation with the HDD for the best performance of windows.
  • If you have problems with the installation or provide suggestions, please leave a comment below.