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PhotoFiltre is photo editing software with many built-in frame effects or use your own gallery. Download photofiltre to create black and white images and sharpen the image.

Download PhotoFiltre update 2021

download photofiltre 2021


PhotoFiltre offers a large number of tools on a professional graphical interface. Users easily find standard editing functions (brightness, contrast, dye, saturation, color gamut correction) and artistic filters (watercolor, pastel, indian color, painting technique) Tiny dots, …)

This application also uses common types of shape drawing vectors such as auto shape drawing type (rectangle, ellipse, triangle, diamond, rectangle with rounded corners) or other types of polygons.


PhotoFiltre provides a variety of frames with many unique effects to integrate into photos including: single color frame, no transparent color, black and white, blur, … or if not satisfied with the collection of program, you can also use your own frames. Once completed, users have the right to preview before choosing where to save the image through the Preview function.

PhotoFiltre also has the function to create black and white photo effects and remove red-eye often seen when viewing photos from digital cameras. This software supports many popular image formats, and adds many other features so that casual users as well as photographers can explore and enhance their capabilities.

Download PhotoFiltre extensive filters help beginners familiarize themselves with the world of graphics. You can find basic editing features here such as (brightness, contrast, staining, saturation, gamma correction) and many other artistic filters (watercolor, pastel, ink, pointillism, square…).

Lots of vector options
PhotoFiltre uses two vector options. The first type uses automatic shapes (rectangle, ellipse, triangle, rhombus, rectangle, circle). The second type corresponds to lasso and polygon. Both allow for fine-tuning of the shape by letting the user draw or select existing lines. Each option can be saved as a separate file for later use.

Module PhotoMasque

With this module, users can create the effect of enhancing the quality of the contour and the clarity on the image with the preset mask available. These masks are grayscale images, where white is a transparent color, while opacity enhances grayscale darker. Through PhotoMasque, users can create custom layer masks.

Set the Transparent mode as a layer that allows the user to have an original border because the filter edits the Alpha channel, not the image layer. This technique can be used when converting images into RGBA mode.

More tool in PhotoFiltre :

Comprehensive photo creation and editing tools.

– Many artistic filters.

– Provide many frame effects.

– Create black and white photos.

– Remove red eye.

Download PhotoFiltre update 2021

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