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Windows 11 is expected to include a  refresh of the “Sun Valley” user interface , as well as some fundamental improvements, download windows 11 64bit free now.

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I’ve heard that Microsoft will probably make Windows 11 available to OEM partners this month or next and release it to the general user base this fall.

First of all, we should clarify that this is a new version of Windows 10. It has a major visual redesign, but under the hood, this is the same operating system. Microsoft wanted to build excitement around it, so that’s why we got the brand new. Thus, the first thing you’ll see when you launch this leaked build is a very familiar out-of-the-box experience.

Indeed, all the different versions of Windows 11 are the same as the version of Windows 10, including Home, Pro, Enterprise, and more. Once you get past the part where you choose your version, decide how to partition your drive and it actually installs the bits, which is where OOBE turns left from what is familiar.

The questions are all the same, and at this point you might realize that this looks a lot like Windows 10X. That’s because it is so. Windows 10X promises many implicit changes, such as running apps in containers so they can’t access the rest of the file system. That doesn’t happen here.

What’s happening here is that Microsoft is bringing the Windows 10X shell on top of Windows 10 and calling it Windows 11.

You may also have spotted a new Windows logo, which is the blue Microsoft logo. It replaces the trapezoidal logo we had before and flattens it into a square. This could be a big part of the Redmond company’s move to make things more Microsoft-branded instead of Windows-branded. We have seen various references to Microsoft Server in Windows Server.

Another thing you’ll definitely notice, and that’s an important part of the Sun Valley design refresh, is the rounded corners. Although Microsoft has included sharp corners since the days of Windows 8, it has eventually scaled back.


  • The new start Menu, Taskbar and search
  • New Animation
  • New Windows 11 store’s design
  • A new way to multitask with Windows
  • Improve touch controls
  • Fresh new sounds
  • New dark mode
  • Rounded all corners of Menu
  • Refreshed action center
  • New design icons
  • New ways to manage virtual desktops
  • New Widgets

Windows 11 License Activation?

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Fortunately, by activating the Windows 11 license as well as Windows 10. We can activate and get the digital license forever. After installing and entering the operating system, you can use “Script to permanently activate all versions of Win & Office” using Crack software. To be able to manually activate the digital license for Windows 11 without having to search for keys online.

How To Install Windows 11?

Because this is a *.iso installer, the installation is also quite easy and fast. You can use Windows installation USB creation software (Rufus), or you can go to Windows PE (Mini Windows) to use WinNT Setup software to extract.

Windows 11 version information

  • OS: Windows 11
  • Official name: Windows 11
  • Version : Dev
  • Build (OS Build): 19043
  • Updated: June 16, 2021
  • Estimated official release: June 24, 2021/20

System requirements of Windows 11

  • Processor: CPU or system 2.0 GHz or faster
  • Ram: Recommended >= 4GB
  • Hard drive capacity: 32GB
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 or higher with 1.0WD WDDM driver
  • Display: Minimum resolution 1024 x 768

Download Windows 11 64bit Free – ISO file link Google Drive

Download Windows 11 64bit 2022 link Google Drive

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Update 10/2022 : Windows 11 Pro Build 22000.978 (No TPM Required)

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