[ Download ] Game pikachu classic offline on computer

Game Pikachu classic is famous with the 8x generation, with simple gameplay but requires thinking and eye-catching along with the score competition that is the outstanding attraction of the game.

Game pikachu classic offline on computer

download game pikachu classic


Pikachu is the main character of the world famous Japanese comic line, with cute and pretty plump characters that have attracted millions of children around the world.

With this offline version of Pikachu game only about 6Mb, you can easily install and play on all operating systems Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10.

Guide play game Pikachu classic

Your task just need to find two identical pikachu shapes in a rectangular board, so that they are connected by straight lines of no more than three bends.

Pikachu game has all 12 cards for players to conquer, these 12 cards will change continuously. For example, table 1, you play normally but table 2 will move upwards, table 3 will move downwards ……

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This movement in tables will not boring players. When playing the game Pikachu, the player will be discovered the very cute image behind the Pikachu, if you choose two same Pikachu, the screen will open two pieces of the puzzle, and so on will increase. curiosity of the player.

Game Pikachu gives you up to 10 time, not 3 turns like most other games. However, do not be subjective, these 10 turns will also change relatively quickly if you do not have calculations when choosing.

The number of turns will be deducted when there is only one choice on the screen. When you choose the last two similar pikachu, the game will instantly transform to another image with more options for the player.

The classic Pikachu game that rewards the best players is the High Score section. When you finish your game if you play well you will get a high score and the game will automatically show a board with 10 of the best names so the player can take that as the target.

With such a simple gameplay, but to be on the yellow board is not an easy competition for gamers, friends to challenge each other.

Download Game Pikachu classic offline update 2021

You can download fastest from Google Drive

Download here

Hope you fun and enjoy with the game pikachu classic, invite a few friends and challenge each other to increase the attractiveness !

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