How to create USB Boot , USB install Windows with Rufus

USB boot use to boot into the Windows from USB, to fix the error, install Windows is extremely handy. I will showed you how to create USB boot Windows 7, 10.

Create USB boot, install Windows with Rufus


In the article below, we will introduce to you one more tool to create a bootable USB that is Rufus. Although with very small capacity, but Rufus can handle most things you need. In terms of speed, Rufus is 2 times faster than UNetbootin, Universal USB Installer and Windows 7 USB download tool.

If you want to learn more about how to create a bootable USB with other tools, you can refer to Hiren’s boot: How to create a bootable USB with Hiren’s BootCD quickly.

How to create USB boot with software Rufus

Step 1: Open Rufus, set parameters to create USB boot

create usb boot with rufus

At the interface of Rufus, section Device, select your USB. In Boot selection you choose Disk or ISO image, then press SELECT to browse and select the ISO file.

Download tool Rufus 3.8 as link Google Drive below : 

Download here

In Image option, you choose Standard Windows installation, in Partition scheme choose MBR or GPT depending on your computer supports BIOS or UEFI. Section File System, let it be NTFS, then click Start :

create usb boot setup Windows 10

Step 2: Confirm deletion of old data on USB

The USB warning dialog will format, if you have important data, please copy it to the computer first. If not, click OK to continue.

Step 3: Creating a Windows installation USB 

create usb boot 3

Step 4: Complete the USB boot process

When the program shows the Ready button that is done, click Close to finish the installation process. Now, you can proceed using your USB already.

create usb boot 4

I show you, how to create USB boot / setup Windows with Rufus software already. It can be seen that creating a boot USB with Rufus is quite simple, right.

To avoid errors when creating bootable USB with Rufus, you need to choose the right ISO file for your computer when downloading (32bit or 64bit version). On the other hand, the probability of an error is quite low.

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