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How to discover Sapa in 4 days 3 night ?

Hi everyone, today I share with you the schedule for Sapa in 4 days 3 nights but for us it is quite complete and experienced most of the worthwhile places of Sapa !


how to discover Sapa

Go to Cat Cat in the morning, before going to the village, stop at The Haven cafe to take a snapshot, super chill always.
One of the most interesting things when coming to Sapa is to wear traditional costumes of the people here: the Dao, the Mong … Costumes are sold throughout the villages from places. trade such as Cat Cat and Ta Van to more remote villages like Giang Ta Chai, Ta Phin, Hau Thao, etc.

Cat Cat village
Each crime I wore indefinitely made my wife ignore this Red Dao girl :)))

Afternoon go to O Quy Ho pass to watch the sunset. 14km ​​from the town, the rugged pass, we ran slowly to feel the blazing rays of light streaking. And it is not in vain to reach the top of the pass is a majestic spectacle never before seen. Sipping a piece of buffalo meat in the kitchen and a cup of apple cider cider, so we drank the entire sunset afternoon, and were always tired of being drunk.

At night, go to eat sturgeon hot pot, salmon at A Phu restaurant, walk around the night market to eat baked goods.

O Quy Ho pass


Old chuck Sapa

Go to Ta Phin village, stop by the old abandoned monastery, bathe with Red Dao tobacco. Ta Phin is beautiful in dreams. The thing that some Dao women are too enthusiastic to scare me. Going to the crossroads, both of the thirty-three girls probably gathered. I think surely in this version, if anyone dares to be an adulteress, dozens of sisters will come to fight without seeing it all :))
Not sure why Sapa market is sold whole with a machete :))) After exploring Ta Phin cave, we went back to town to have lunch and rest.

In the early afternoon, take a Muong Hoa mountain train from Sun Plaza, then take the cable car to Fansipan. Take photos with the mini scene here.

Muong Hoa road

Then you have two options: climb the 630 steps to the top (very tired but not very much thought but difficult to breathe due to thin air) or spend 70k to go on a tugboat. In return, if you climb you can admire the scenery and miniatures on Fansipan Legend. To the top of the photo shoot and if you’re lucky you can watch the sunset Fansipan, very beautiful and sacred always.
Evening, walk to Cau May street, eat grilled food, take a walk in the square, go to Cong coffee near the square.

Fansipan Sapa

Day 3: Cau May street – Muong hoa train road – Hau Thao village

How to discover Sapa and where’ll go on Day 3 ?

Sapa trekking
In the morning, eat wet pork pie in Cau May Street, then stop by Sun Plaza for a photo shoot (look like in Europe), along Muong Hoa road you will go to Viettreking coffee, drink water to watch the train passing by. always.

Sapa 's childs
At noon, we boarded the car to go to Hau THao village, went about 1 hour, went across the ancient rocky beach and Muong Hoa valley, we stayed at the Utopia homestay by the stream, decided to live in the village, walk the village and explore people’s lives here. Enjoy stargazing and barbecue. (I have a detailed article called “Sapa original” in the group always, you can search it again!).

Ta Van village


Get up early in the morning to watch the sunrise, pack your luggage and return to town to catch the train back to Hanoi. Finish the 4-day journey with the best miracles left in Sapa. On the way, I type this blog ” How to discover Sapa ” here 😛

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