How to get free spin Coin Master update 2021

Spin, also known as spin in Coin Master, is what you need to spin gold, lightning hammer, shield, steal gold from neighbors or free spin Coin Master.

Get free spin Coin Master update 2021


The more Spin turns, you will have the opportunity to get more gold to shop and upgrade your house easily. If you invite your friends to play, it can cause the feelings of your friends to split when you get the hammer to destroy the house or the right time to steal into your friend’s house.

You will attack your friends’ houses and steal their money, with no spins to help or support your friends. And you will be the same if you cannot spin your shield and are lazy to take care of the house in Coin Master. Many gamers will find ways to hack Coin Master spins, but to make it easier, you can see a few ways to earn Coin Master spins below.

Note: Currently there are quite a few Coin master hacking tools and Coin Master mod tools to increase spin by asking players to complete the application and text a certain switchboard. You should be careful because there are quite a few hacking tools and mods that will take advantage of user information, besides texting to the switchboard will not receive the spin and gold as introduced.

1. Receive turns via Levvvel Coin Master link

Firstly, you can get through the link on the Levvvel website first by visiting the link below.

spin coin master 1

You will then see spins and gold along with other rewards on this list. In the Date column it will be the receipt date and in the Daily Link column the Collect button. Click Collect to receive gold and respective spins.

When switching to the new window, click Collect Now and select Open.

Next you will be forwarded to Coin Master, wait a bit and you will see the reward you receive corresponding to the link clicked. Click Collect to receive your reward.

2. Earn spins Coin Master with Discord

Now the way to increase Coin Master spins has spread to Discord, for those of you who do not know, Discord is the communication platform that was originally created to support the gaming community. Help gamers find teammates to play with.

spin coin master discord

But many people have turned to Discord for other purposes because of the usefulness of this application. Business groups, study teams, knowledge exchanges …

And now you can join the spin group in Discord to increase the coin master spin. Here you will also receive a Facebook friend link, similar to how to run Spin on Zalo and Fanpage, group on Facebook below.

  • First, you must download App Discord
  • Search group #spin_coin_master or anothers and Join 
  • Share link to get free spin coin master

3. Earn free spin Coin Master with Facebook

Step 1: First, if you have Messenger installed, delete it and download the Messenger Lite app on your phone. Then login your Facebook account to Messenger Lite.

spin coin master facebook

Step 2: Next, go to your Facebook and find keywords to run Spin, you will see quite a lot of Fanpage or group spin on Facebook.

Below I will paste 2 group links and fanpage for you to join. In these fanpages, the admin will post links to link you to spin and only post at a certain time of the day. So you need to turn on Fanpage notifications to receive admin’s friend link.

Once you have been accepted by a spin-running nick to make friends, open Coin Master. Select the 3-bar icon in the upper right corner and click Invite Friends.

Next, you choose Invite Friend below and invite the spinner that you made friends with before.

All you have left to do is wait for the spin account to activate your spin account, and then you will receive your Coin Master free spins. If you are diligent, you can earn about 1,000 to 2,000 spins a day if you join many Coin Master spin-running fan pages.

4. Get free spin Coin Master through the bonus application

spin coin master app

Second, if you have problems with the Levvvel page above, go to the App Store or CHPlay. Search by keyword Spin Master, here you will see a number of applications that allow users to receive rewards by link in the application such as Daily Spins for Coin Master, Daily Spin & Coin: Coin Master … and how to get bonus links these applications are identical.

For example, here I use the Spin & Coin application to receive bonuses. First, start the application, choose Free Spin and Coin, and then choose the date to receive the reward.

spin coin master 4 2

Click the picture corresponding to the number of spins you can get the example below is 50 Spins and 100M Coins (50 spins and 100 million gold). Wait a moment for the application to switch to the next interface, press Redeem.

To the reward interface, select Collect Now and click Open Coin Master. Entering the game you will be rewarded immediately.

With large Collect links, such as 100 million gold and 50 spins, you need to get them right away because these are links that have limited recipients. If you do not quickly receive it, when you click it, you will receive a notification that the link has expired, or you have received a gift from this link.

spin coin master 4 3

As for the overdue links, there will be the links you receive as gifts, and there are links where you will receive a notification that the collect link has expired. There are also links that, when you click, get nothing, not even notifications.

5. “Hack” the free spin Coin Master by exchanging cards (cards)

In Coin Master, you will have pretty much a collection of cards, and if you complete all the cards in a collection. You will receive rewards, most of which are spins. There are also more pets and if at a higher level, you will receive additional XP points for the pet.

spin coin master 5 1

To unlock the card collection, you will have to level up your home. Then you can unlock the collection and open the chest with the card in that collection.

To get the missing cards in the collection, you need to go to Facebook and join the groups or go to the Fanpage of the spin-run groups or specialize in trading cards according to the link that you posted above and call for help “ashore”. There will be benevolent gamers to help you with the number of cards you are missing, or you can also trade with them your cards.

spin coin master 5 2

In addition to Facebook groups and fan pages, you can also go to Zalo groups to receive card sharing from other gamers. You can get 5 cards a day, but if you change the date on the phone, you can send more.

There are also gamers who have too many cards, they will post to groups or Fanpage to share with new players. Of course the number is limited, so if you see such groups, quickly make friends with them and ask them to help quickly.

In many ways in the game, you can get extra spins in Coin Master. You can invite more friends, spin spins for spins, or buy directly in the in-game store to get spins. However, there are ways that you can run spins, earn more free spinCoin Master easily without going through too many steps.

Wish you can earn many free spin coin master with 5 methods, enjoy !

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