How to play Minecraft on the computer Update 2021 will show you how to install and play Minecraft on the computer – one of the most popular classic games in the world.

Play Minecraft on the computer – New Update 2021

play minecraft on the computer


The main reason for Minecraft to attract players is the unlimited gameplay in space and time, along with the “real” features as in reality ..

However, for many newbies who want to play this game, the first and most important problem is: How to download Minecraft game? Minecraft is currently available on all operating systems of Windows and phones. In the following article, will guide you how to download this game for your computer.

Play Minecraft on the computer

Step 1: Download Minecraft game for computer at link below :


Step 2 : Run setup file 

download minecraft

Step 3 : Create new account 

Step 4 : Verify your email address

Step 5 : Play a game and enjoy it (y)

Play Minecraft on BlueStacks

In addition to directly installing Minecraft through the file that the company has provided, you can download and install Minecraft through the emulators available on your computer, in this article we use BlueStacks but you can also use the Other emulators like NoxPlayer or LDPlayer …

Step 1: After installing BlueStacks successfully, start this emulator and tap Search.

bluestacks minecraft

Bước 2: Type key word Minecraft > Enter.

Bước 3: Click game > InstallAccept as normal.

minecraft android

Bước 5: Choose Open and play game

play minecraft easy

With this tutorial, hope you will be able to play Minecraft on the computer and experience these magic squares.

Wish you have fun and enjoy moments !

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