Strange things to do in Hanoi Vietnam

“Unique” or “only in Vietnam” is what foreign tourists describe a series of places, food and many other strange things to do in Hanoi Capital.


Lost in the old town, strolling through the streets of the city or enjoying “basking” Pho is what makes Hanoi a mysterious and attractive destination.


lost in hanoi

With the roundabout, roundabout, tricky streets, the most ancient center of Hanoi Capital must have made countless tourists “sweat” to find their way out. However, compared to the domestic tourists, the lost sight of international friends is probably even more catastrophic.

Ignorant in the middle of a strange place, “every street is like any other”, and Vietnamese only babbled a few simple sentences, even though the map is firmly in hand, it is difficult to save the situation.

Therefore, instead of worrying, many tourists decided to “enjoy” the feeling of being lost, making it a unique experience. No need to rush into the right address, just let your feet lead the way, no destination, no lines provided, just turn right, turn left or go straight, you’ll discover the most about Colorful nostalgic street.


rail way coffee hanoi

“Crazy” or “only in Vietnam” is what visitors describe the “Cafe of the train” of Hanoi. Located close to Hang Co station, this small street has welcomed and brought many trains. Every day, people here are calm business, chat or travel.

Then, as a habit, when they heard the alarm, they calmly tidied up the restaurant, away from the tracks. The train passed, the distance was so close, it felt like someone just stood from the door and reached out to touch the hull.


things to do in hanoi

Besides the pictures of ancient streets, foreign tourists coming to Hanoi are still very strange and surprised with the experience of crossing motorbikes and crossroads. Llewellyn King, an American journalist, once wittily shared: “To cross the road, gather courage and pray. Then, you walk straight in line with the moving people. People here know how to avoid you. ”

Not only that, this pen also showed his impression and delight at the way Vietnamese people cleverly move and manage on crowded streets like looms. Indeed, compared to the extremely organized transportation system of Western countries, a bit of Hanoi’s clutter accidentally becomes an unforgettable highlight in the eyes of international friends.


Referring to “haggle” taxis is the sad story of Vietnam’s tourism industry in general and Hanoi in particular. With the type of service business that sees immediate benefits, a segment of drivers has made many foreign tourists timid.

Instead of paying by the kilometer, the trip fee is usually pegged down by agreement, “the stork reduces one or two more”. In cases where there is not enough capital to bargain, even knowing the ten is a “bitter price”, visitors have to pity to withdraw wallet.


street life of hanoi

Do not know the burden of roaming the streets between east has ever self, but for a long time, people have considered it a familiar beauty of Hanoi culture.Perhaps because of that, while indigenous people often glide easily, foreign tourists linger, enjoying the image of women carrying their backs.

Across all roads and corners of the Capital, it is not difficult to find a burden of peddling hustle. Not only carrying the gifts of countryside, it also contributes to retain the charm of the Capital for thousands of years.


cafe on the street

It will be flawed if visitors to Hanoi without trying to feel footsteps on a stool on the sidewalk and enjoy any dish. From noodles, vermicelli, vermicelli, rolls for breakfast, lunch, to afternoon snacks such as tea, sugarcane juice, fried spring rolls, or even in the evening at the hotpot, grilled meats, one can find See all the delicious street food.

When you are too familiar with the luxurious atmosphere in shops, restaurants, a narrow and crowded space, even, a little dusty, gives visitors an unforgettable experience.


things to do in vietnam

With the harmony between flavors, many dishes have long been the face of “tourism ambassador” of the Capital, receiving many compliments and satisfaction from international friends. However, Hanoi street food sometimes makes tourists afraid.

Familiar dishes such as rice noodles with shrimp sauce, duck eggs are still not widely accepted. Many foreign tourists say they cannot eat a duckling in an egg that they see with their own eyes. Meanwhile, the fragrant spring rolls seem to be very popular with diners from far away, but no one is sure, they will continue to sip, enjoy this famous specialty, after seeing the main ingredients with their own eyes.


best coffee of Vietnam

Vietnam is famous for being the second largest coffee exporting country in the world. However, before coming to Hanoi, not all foreign visitors know the existence of egg coffee. Even without the guidance from the food connoisseurs, it will be difficult for visitors to find truly quality addresses to enjoy this strange drink.

A delicate blend of whipped egg and a delicious coffee, a small cup of egg coffee when finished, is placed in a bowl of warm water to keep the heat, greasy and delicious. to the hands of customers. Impressed with different ways of serving and flavor, egg coffee has conquered countless visitors since the first enjoyment.

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