Who is Jonathan Galindo? How dangerous is the Jonathan Galindo challenge?

jonathan galindo is a dangerous trending emerging on youtube lately, who is Jonathan Galindo?

Who is Jonathan Galindo?

who is Jonathan Galindo

Jonathan Galindo is a picture of a man with a dog-like clown face and is becoming a new name that has been scoured on social networks 24 hours ago. Jonathan Galindo’s account is said to create a trend of challenges that harms young people, like the Momo challenge or the Blue Whale that has rained in the previous years.

Jonathan Galindo originated in Mexico and spread rapidly everywhere. Jonathan Galindo makes friends with young people on social networking platforms like Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and more recently Facebook.

Jonathan Galindo challenge?

If the account sends you friend requests, the user will receive a message. If users click on the link in the message, the user will reveal the IP address of their device. Based on that, your account Jonathan Galindo will get your information and even your address. Then, Jonathan Galindo will give you 2 options: perform the blue whale challenge or your family will be assassinated.

The Blue Whale Challenge appeared in mid-2018, originating from Russia and is a trend that has stirred the online community in many countries. It requires players to perform a series of terrible challenges at 4am including self-harm, watching horror movies, using knives, razors or sewing needles to shape a whale on an arm or leg. … for 50 consecutive days. The level of the challenge is extreme gradually increasing and the final challenge is to commit suicide on the 50th day before becoming the winner.

Momo Challenge (Momo Challenge) appeared in 2019 and also caused waves with the online community. It is a woman with a human head, bird body, black hair, bulging eyes, appearing in videos and teaching young children how to hurt themselves, even commit suicide.

However, the dangerous challenge Jonathan Galindo comes to Vietnam, becomes a joke of the online community. Many Vietnamese users have actively texted Jonathan Galindo accounts, even sent friend invitations and left thousands of comments.

The Jonathan Galindo trend is certainly created from people with bad intentions aimed at young people. Therefore, social media users should be wary of this potentially risky virtual game, do not accept friend requests from strangers and need to install high security modes.

Conclusion, Who is jonathan galindo ? 

Answer : It’s not a game, Please keep your kids away from it !!!

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