Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley- Release 2021

After Win 10 21H1 version with minor bug fixes, Microsoft has release version Windows 10 21H2 with the name “Sun Valley” for users around the world.



The Win 10 Sun Valley project is led by the Windows Devices and Experiences team, under the management of Product Manager Panos Panay. In January 2021, Microsoft announced that it would “re-invest” in Windows 10 around 2021, and internal sources said that Sun Valley was the result of that reinvestment.

New features

Fluent Design

With Sun Valley, Microsoft plans to improve and replace features and areas with interfaces inherited from previous versions. For example, Microsoft may update the existing File Explorer with additional enhancements such as a dark background mode for pop-up menus (property tabs).

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Start Menu will be “re-design”, feeling separate from the taskbar, the tiles will be rounded corners.

Context menu of software installed on the device, pop-up dialog box will also be rounded to bring a more modern feel. Other text boxes like – passwords, auto-suggest, and warnings – will also have rounded corners for improved overall UI consistency.

According to Git Hub, Microsoft has also confirmed that they are looking at new ideas for application elements such as ListView, buttons, sliders ….

Below, we can see the design patterns that Microsoft plans to use to refresh the Windows 10 UI.

According to Microsoft, the new UI controls will “align with other platforms while looking familiar on Windows”.


Since Windows 10 21H1 is only a small update, the DNS over HTTPS (DoH) feature will most likely be included in Windows 10 21H2 codenamed Sun Valley. DoH is a new feature that allows resolving DNS over encrypted HTTPS connections and is intended to protect your privacy while surfing the web.

The new DoH is in early beta testing but will definitely change the way your device connects to the Internet. You can configure DoH directly in the Settings of Windows 10. The steps are as follows:

blog2share_Windows 10 21H2 2

  • Open Settings> Network & Internet> Status
  • Click Properties
  • Fix IP assignment or edit Edit DNS server assignment (press Edit button)
  • Activate DoH in the popup window that appears

To set up DoH for WiFi connection, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings> Netwrok & Internet> WiFi
  • Click the adapter properties link
  • Select Edit IP assigment or Edit DNS server assignment
  • Activate DoH in the popup window that appears


With version 21H2, Microsoft slowly moves old apps and tools to the modern version in Settings.

For example, Settings in 21H2 will feature a new Disk Management tool that focuses on simplifying the process of drive management and managing your drives without using traditional tools.

blog2share_Windows 10 21H2 3

The “Manage Disks and Volumes” utility now supports better integration with Storage Spaces and Storage Settings. The drive management tool is rewritten and will initially allow you to view drive information, create and format partitions, and assign drive letters.

To access the new tool, you need to visit Settings> System> Storate and click Manage Disks and Volumes.

Support GPU better

Microsoft is also planning to give users more control when having multiple GPUs running Windows 10 apps together.

blog2share_Windows 10 21H2 4

On devices with two GPUs, Windows 10 will use the built-in GPU in cases where power is saved and a discrete GPU in case of a need to increase graphics performance. This setting will be set to the default lpaaj based on your device.

You can also go to the Graphics settings under Settings> Display> Graphics Settings and specify which apps run the GPU consistently or in high performance.

Improve Sound of Windows 10 21H2

Download Windows 10 21H2, Microsoft will allow you to set the default device for the speaker right in Settings> System> Sound. In addition, Windows 10 will have a link to the audio screen for each application in the Volume Mixer.

Manager Battery New

Microsoft is also testing a new Android-like battery manager in Settings. This page displays charts for you to track daily or weekly battery usage.

blog2share_Windows 10 21H2 5

As you can see in the screenshot above, the battery manager will show your device’s battery level for the whole week, and you can see when your device was last charged.

TASK MANAGER more details

Task Manager on Windows 10 21H2 will be updated with a new column titled “Architecture”. This column will list applications and programs whether it runs under 32-bit or 64-bit process.


A new feature discovered by Albacore in Windows 10 Insider Build 21337 is a personalization feature, called Device Usage.

blog2share_Windows 10 21H2 6

Device Usage allows users to choose what to do on the machine such as playing games, connecting with other family members, creating content, playing entertainment, working, doing homework … and from there. tips for using appropriate.

The feature description shows that this selection only affects instructions for use given to the user and does not affect the use and appearance of these applications on the device.

This feature is currently hidden and requires a code to unlock.


Sandbox is a highly rated security feature on Windows that allows users to run suspicious files on virtual machines without affecting the system. Sandbox is available on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, from the Windows 10 May 2019 update.

Sandbox’s current problem is that the runtime of the container matches that of the host can slow down performance, and slow launch times.

On Sun Valley, Microsoft will introduce a new runtime that ensures better performance for Sandbox. Sandbox after the upgrade promises to be lighter, launch faster and better compatible with old hardware, slow processor.

Windows 10 21H2 Tools new

In an unexpected move, Microsoft is upgrading the “Administrative Tools” folder in Windows 10 21H2 by adding more tools to the collection.


With Windows 10 Preview Build 21354, Microsoft will replace “Administrative Tools” with a new applet called “Windows Tools” that contains more tools.

Microsoft is also moving shortcuts like “Windows System“, “Windows Accessories” and “Windows PowerShell” to the Windows Tools console.

This move comes as a surprise, as Microsoft is working to move tools from the Control Panel to the modern Settings app, but network administrators actually require a higher density than what the modern Settings section can offer. level. The new applet can be launched with the command control admintools from the Command Prompt.

Microsoft has gradually stopped using Control Panel and is expected to soon roll out a setting that redirects those looking for Control Panel to Settings.


Download Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley will enter the RTM (sent to computer manufacturers) in June 2021, but the update for users will not be released before October 2021.

Of course, these improvements will also be updated to Windows 10X, the modular version of Windows for Chromebook-like devices.

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