[ Download ] Wintohdd portable – Install Win 10 directly without USB, CD

WinToHDD portable is a new installation tool without using a USB or DVD to install Windows. You will not have to worry about preparing a USB drive or CD anymore, but enjoy the super fast Win installation speed 3 – 5 times faster.

Download Wintohdd Portable update 2021

wintohdd portable 2021


WinToHDD portable was released from Hasleo that helps users to install the operating system automatically from their own hard drive without the need for a USB or DVD disc.

With WinToHDD you will not have to worry about complicated Win installation steps because it will install completely automatically. Your job is to enjoy a cup of coffee and wait.


  1. No cost to buy USB or CD. I like this advantage the most
  2. The installation speed is 4 times faster than CD and much faster than USB because the files are stored on the computer and the time to copy files is faster from the USB or CD to the computer.
  3. No need to use USB, CD, so it’s extremely convenient, even if your computer doesn’t have a CD or USB socket, you can do it.
  4. Reinstall Windows: Reinstall a new Windows to your C: \ drive. All data in the box C: \ will be lost and a new Win install, very easy to do and completely automatic.
  5. New Installation: Install a new Win on any drive, you can install 2 win parallel with this feature.
  6. System Clone: Move the operating system from one hard drive to another.
    Multi-Installation USB: Create USB to install multiple versions of Windows.

Download Wintohdd portable 

  • First you donwload file ISO Win 10 64 bit newest here : 

Download here

  • Second you can download Wintohdd portable here :

Download here

Note: After the download is complete, copy it to another hard drive partition, do not save the Windows installation file in the same part of the Windows installation hard drive.


Step 1: Run the WinToHDD software and select Reinstall Windows.
Step 2: Select the icon to find the ISO file as shown below. Select the Windows 10 ISO file you downloaded above.

Step 3: Some Win installation files allow you to choose the version, choose the version you want (Prefer Windows 10 Pro with full features and most popular). Then select Next.

how to use wintohdd portable

Step 4: By default, you will choose your C: \ drive. Then select Next
Step 5: Select Yes 3 times and wait to finish installing Win.

Wish you use WinToHDD 2021 and successfully install Windows 10 Pro!

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